I > Katastasis 2003
II > HALA 2006


An additional environment can be explored in animated pictorial spaces whose unique feature is the link-up of static fundamental forms with individual dynamic objects. The brief static moment refers to sculptures that, even without further explanation, can be clearly interpreted as a source of the past. They are mediated in the form of differing circumstances.

Katastasis > Room 4, 02:30 min (cut-out 00:60 min)

KATASTASIS is a poetic sequence of animations about the transfer of forces, the relationship between the sexes, the loneliness of the individual, the construction of gods, and the incomprehensibility of the past. Audio-visual stratifications inspired by six ancient statues are generated in five different sound-spaces. Space 1 is about the decline of a hero (Aias). Space 2 reflects the relation between terror and abuse (Medusa). Space 3 shows a ruling couple (Augustus and Livia). Space 4 is a space of ecstasy (Barberini faun) and in Space 5 everything disintegrates in rapture (Aphrodite).
Zelko Wiener > Video-Art | Computer Animations > Standstill I: Katastasis