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Ursula Hentschlaeger
Zelko Wiener

Webart Shortcuts.
Outlines of an Art World.
2001 - 2003

Twenty-one personalities from the fields of theory, art creation and journalism were questioned in 2002 about different aspects of contemporary art in the world wide web. Today, their statements offer a definitive overview of the many positions held, relating to art phenomena in the web.

The inherent possibilities of the world wide web, as well as a highly engaging conceptuality of new media (art) are emphasised.

Research in and about the Internet is at the moment one of the greatest challenges of scientific journalism. All research areas have become increasingly international through the availability of world-wide electronic networks.
The related necessity, particularly in the English language, to make research findings available through the Internet, leads to an increasing pressure in the scientific world. The often mentioned expression: “publish or perish” is, in the short-lived Internet world, more applicable than ever. The question is, which forms of science publications can be developed for the Internet, which on the one hand will slow down this phenomenon and on the other hand take advantage of the specific medial characteristics for the development and presentation of contents. For a start, scientific journalism in the world wide web must thus be researched.

The series of interviews “WEBART SHORTCUTS” presents a model for that. It emerged as part of the research project “Cyberpoiesis” and shows the results of handling large amounts of text, which are otherwise barely manageable in the Internet. However, in the overall project report, only linear individual portraits are presented. Both in the Web and in the book specific media/time/images emerged with it.

Publication: Web Fictions. Dispersed Presences in Electronic Networks (together with Manfred Faßler and Ursula Hentschlaeger). Springer: Vienna / New York 2003
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