Ursula Hentschlaeger

The Artist as a Communicator. 
Series of Online Interviews.
1992 - 1993

Looking a new technologies in the context of art was one goal of this work. Twelve interviews were done, prefer-ably using computer net-works. The connection was established over the phone, interviewees went "online" that way.

The series was created in cooperation with Rosa von Suess and Max Kossatz. The interviews were carried out in the framework of unitn with the help of a 14400 baud modem and appropriate terminal software.

A note of thanks also goes to
Eva Grubinger, Kurt Hent-schlaeger und Horst Hörtner.
Ill. Transmission errors at the beginning of the "interview" with LITERATUR UND MEDIEN
Online Interview via Mailbox, Screenshot 1992

When the questions were worded, the point was not so much to deal with the "artistic work" of the individual interviewees but to identify their attitude about and around new technologies by means of specific generality. The selection from an environment was made subjectively and did not seek to be exhaustive. By and large, three generations from the field of media art were interviewed.

The scope of possibilities for artistic applications for new technologies was almost as broad as the wide range of newly developed media. "which type artist do you mean? is it a video, telecommunications, interactive, installation, video-sculpture, audio-visual, media, television, telematic, performance, biogenetic, virtual artist? an electronic cinema director, meta-designer, artist-cum-philosopher, zoosystemist...?” (HILUS). The range of assessment criteria was almost as broad as the scope of artistic approaches, and the fields of philosophy, technology and art were hard to distinguish from one another.
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