Ursula Hentschlaeger

When she was eight years old, the first love was an out-of-tune piano, and even today, no form of expression can compare to the immediacy of playing music actively. It almost seems as if it is possible to be completely liberated from one's own self in this moment of abandon. In the mid-1980ies, she saw the inside of a recording studio for the first time, and the piece "Weiße Wände" ("White Walls") was produced on analogue TASCAM equipment. On his "Fadi Sampler", Wolfgang Fadi Dorninger extended an invitation to the publication of the piece "Heimat bist Du großer Söhne" ("Native home of great sons", a line from the Austrian national anthem). That was in the early 1990ies. However, it was only when work on zeitgenossen.com began and sound modules were much in demand that she took up regular production.

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