Before she realises, she nods off, and when she opens her eyes again, she can see the tips of two shoes appear in the air just above the floor. At first, she is unable to understand what is happening. Even as a pair of shoes lie in front of her and trouser legs start to appear, she cannot believe what is going on before her very eyes: somebody is materialising. She fascinated as she watches the body emerge. Slowly, one layer is placed on top of the other, more and more of the body becomes visible. It is the body of a woman. A dead woman. An instant later, the door opens and Charlie, Merilu's partner, enters the room. He grasps the situation, bends over the corpse. "What's this supposed to be?", he asks Merilu. She does not answer. He goes on asking. Merilu replies curtly: "She appeared. She was dead when she materialised here. I don't know this woman."

Text excerpt

Ursula Hentschlaeger

Short story, 1993

Merilu is a young commissioner at the holiday space station M4. One day, a corpse materialises at her office out of the blue. When a second body appears, she cannot conceal her problems any longer because she knew both victims.

Contribution, in: Mord vor Ort, Wien 1993