She drops everything, goes to the spum and tries to relax. As always, she enjoys how her mental tensions are relieved by energetic programmes and her body is oriented along the meridians that run through it. She activates the beam several times, gets herself cleansed and feels well rested as she finally goes to the middle box. She pours herself a drink and switches the animation screens on. She sits around, lost in thoughts. She keeps asking herself how all of this could happen. What was it? "You feel light and beautiful and happy while you are standing on ruins. No matter how terrible everything is, the only thing that basically counts is your own state."

Text excerpt

Ursula Hentschlaeger

or: Live in Temptation
SF-Novel, 1993

With illustrations by
Astrid Esslinger

Research at the space station 7FK12 focuses on a field that has hardly been dealt with so far: the materialisation of persons. The seemingly ideal living conditions are deceptive: several people are killed. The spum, a means of restoring emotional balance, is no longer capable of re-instilling harmony in people. To survive, they have to embark on the search for themselves. This is the only way to counteract the sudden chaos of their own actions and solve the mystery around the murders at the station.

Vienna: Triton 1993