The idea of dissolving into individual parts had always fascinated him. This longing for the great void that would finally free him from everything. Matter and non-matter as a context. He believed in the independent existence of the universe, and the universe would always be there to incorporate his molecules, atoms, whatever – his ribonucleic acids – to create something new for a moment. However, the ensuing time trap multiplied earlier weaknesses to an ever increasing extent, and vigour as a means to achieve an end had become alien to him long ago. Still, he loved beaming. The void in himself connected with the void of the world. Redemption. Floating freely without being. It seemed like he has found the measure of all things. However, as infinity started grappling with finiteness, he was thrown back into the narrow boundaries of matter.

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Ursula Hentschlaeger

Ken Takki
Novel, 2001

SF-Short story in four parts

Ken Takki is an interstellar controller. He lands on K54, a civilisation development station, to audit irregularities in the station's Rumad accounts. The Rumad is a complex automated clearing system under which social skills and real work are remunerated. Ken Takki is faced with two problems: en route, he got unfortunately caught in a time trap, and moreover, he is a friend of the persons he is to audit and thus actually biased.

Vienna: Medienwerkstatt 1997