“My condition excluded so much that for months, I felt like I did not exist. I lost her over night without having even for a moment considered the possibility. So many things were left unsaid. You and Frida, you held each other in your arms and cried for her together. I stood at that grave and she was in it and a huge piece of myself was buried with her. I survived her. I assume that this was my biggest problem. What would my life be worth from then on? Emotions can quickly turn into conditions that are capable of determining everything. I can now talk about it here with you because that feeling is suddenly displaced by a new one, and the old feeling is losing its weight. I am not to blame for either of them. I did not choose them deliberately.”

Text excerpt

Ursula Hentschlaeger

Lost & Found
Novel, 2001

With illustrations by
Zelko Wiener

Madeleine and Paul meet on the night train to Zurich. They have entirely different reasons for travelling, and it is only due to their trust in their past friendship that makes them talk about themselves with growing openness. Their encounter becomes the basis of an engagement with events from their common past. Their shared point of view makes them rediscover the stories of their friends' lives. The pain, joy, failure and new starts involved also make the two identify their own points of view with ever greater intensity.

Vienna: Triton 2001