Input I - III
Interactive computeranimations, 2000

> Imagination

For INPUT, we developed a distinctive audio-visual format that is based on the video clip. Here, the visual interpretation of the music is first of all an optical outline. The various pieces of music required different sequences of images and visual actions and are based on rollovers. Depending on the composition, different parameters of content and form come to the fore. Music and interactive animation are synchronised.

Phi, 03:30 min (cut-out 00:45 min)

Wolfgang Fadi Dorninger composed the sampling-based electronics piece PHI for the third webclip. It became the basis for an analysis of the “depth” of the screen. It led subsequently to the development of our project Outer Space IP. The idea of PHI lies first of all in the visualization of thought processes. Seemingly random actions determine here the animation. Only when we look closer does we realize that each object, even if it is self-contained, leads again to a further one, which would not be possible this way without the preceding events.

The interaction enables the opening up of another dimension in the area of the blue mouseover. Philosophers are called upon and cited with five statements. They are with precise navigation found as text animation.