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Early Texts

The term Monomedia is an artificial word construction and hints at the fact that multi-media is actually developed on the basis of a single medium, i.e. the computer. (1991)

The related architecture is as different and as old as the dynamic relationship of society / aim / medium; but the language remains the same, even as hexadecimal code. (1990)

The autonomy of digital photography with respect to computer graphics is, similar to classic photography, also due to the capture and the reproduction of a specific, individually interpreted moment. (1989)

The effect of the image portrayal managed to push the question as to the image creation to the background and covered up the simple fact, that (...) a video frame is basically a very different thing as a file on a diskette. (1986)

Early Texts (Selectionl)

Monomedia  (1991)

Mind Cinema - The Inner Movie Theater (1990)

Digital Photography (1989)

Imaginator (1986)
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