Lost & Found. Novel.
With Illustrations by Zelko Wiener.
Triton: Vienna 2001

Relationship accounting. The characters in the novel Lost & Found by the Austrian authoress Ursula Hentschläger live and fail in passing: (...) Found money, lost happiness, and in spite of all destroyed hope, the illusion lives on that some people could be able to have it all, money and happiness. (...) But what should we really take this thin novel for, with its alienated black-and-white pictures by Zelko Wiener, which mirror the states of mind of the protagonists? (...) A strange and unpretentious book which leaves the reader at a loss, helpless. So many problems and blows. If it were not for the casual way in which we are told about them, desperation would be the only possible response. This is where literature turns into a mirror because this is actually how we experience the life and failure of people we know, in passing (...)
Robert Streibel - Die Furche - 31.1.2001 

Once more, congratulations on the book: Congratulations to Ursula Hentschläger for her strong style which makes words turns into three-dimensional sculptures, and to Zelko Wiener for the fine illustrations. I would like to read some pages of the book twice to relish them all the more. Madeleine, the heroine, stands for the modern single woman who has to fight her way through a merciless violent globalised world to survive, yet never gives up hope for a better and more beautiful life.
Frederico Steinberg - Post  Sao Paulo 2001

Ursula Hentschlaeger